Travel Hacks

Today we’re going to talk about a subject that is very dear to my heart, achieving carry-on perfection. Friends do not treat the carry-on just like another piece of luggage or something you just drop everything in that didn’t fit into the suitcase.
There’s a method and it can be a lifesaver. Everything you put into your carry-on should answer the following question, if my luggage is lost is this item something I can’t live without? So with that said, here’s what I put in my toiletries. Hotel shampoo schmooze from

I like my shampoo conditioner and my moisturizer. This is non-negotiable although granted most of the time you will not need to do this but if one day your luggage is lost and you have to spend all of this time without sleeping and you’re sticky and then you get to your hotel or wherever  it is that you’re staying, you open your carry-on and you have clean underwear, the angels will sing, everyone will rejoice and you will thank me. Computer, tablet, phone and more importantly, their chargers. What good are they when they aren’t with you.

Charge your phones and if you have noise canceling one’s even better. Take something, at least some earplugs. I assure you, you will sleep a lot better during the flight. Bring some reading material of course and put everything on your tablet so that you can have entertainment.

I am always asked to sleep with no light because that’s how people around me travel. Because of this, I bring a small book light. This light easily gives me just enough light to travel and not disturb those around me. I hope you all have a great cruise and please feel free to comment below with how your trip went.

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